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Supreme Fries – The Next Great Late Night Food

Supreme Fries – The Next Great Late Night Food?

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We know you’ve heard of carne asada fries, one of California’s biggest staples of recent years, but what if you want to switch it up from time to time on those late nights out? Benny’s – as always – has you covered. Our Supreme fries are an evolution of one of California’s staple sides and what distinguishes it from most other places is something very simple: Choice. Usually these kinds of fries are served exclusively with Carne Asada with a helping of shredded cheese, sour cream, guacamole and pico de gallo on top of a plate of fries. With our Supreme Fries you’ll get all those things (with Benny’s signature freshness) and your choice of our very own carne asada, chipotle or rotisserie chicken, carnitas, fish, shrimp or lobster. Yes, you read that list correctly. 

While not seen in traditional Mexican restaurants, Supreme Fries have become a California staple and are often a great go-to before or after a big night on the town. They originated in San Diego and have since made their way across the state, picking up various distinctions between cities. Benny’s likes to go big though, and in addition to the standard ingredients and meat selection we offer optional pickled jalapenos and even beans as part of the serving (black or pinto… yeah, choice)! We recommend mixing and matching different meats and toppings to see which ones become your ideal Supreme Fries. Do you prefer Classic carne asada with all the main fixings? Maybe Rotisserie chicken with black beans is more your thing. How about carnitas with pinto beans and pickled jalapenos? The options are there and there’s never a bad time to try something new! 

Supreme Fries, specifically the carne asada variation, are a recent invention (late 90s’) but have taken the South West portion of the United State by storm! It’s hard to walk into any California Mexican establishment and NOT find them but if you’re on a quest for the perfect combination that suits YOU… well, Benny’s has you covered. The ingredients are fresh, the fries are crisp, the meat is whatever you want it to be and your stomach will be happy you treated it to something tasty. Now, stop salivating over photos and head over to Benny’s. It’s a great time to indulge in this new California favorite! 

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Taco Tuesday is a celebrated tradition!

Taco Tuesday – A Legendary Tradition

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For as long as we can remember, Taco Tuesday has been a tradition for restaurants and bars serving the tasty Mexican dish. The day is celebrated from college campus to small town to office complexes on lunch breaks, despite the fact that it arrives every single week. From a marketing standpoint, Taco Tuesday has been a restaurant owner’s best friend. It drives hungry mobs of taco lovers to a night out simply because of a catchy alliteration.

You might see #TacoTuesday on social media often. You’ll get the occasional message from a friend asking to participate in Taco Tuesday.  In short, Tacos made Tuesdays popular. But where did this come from and why?

The Origin of Taco Tuesday

According to The Strange History of Taco Tuesday, the promotional phrase was started in 1982 by a chain called Taco John’s based out of Cheyenne, Wyoming. In fact, Taco John’s placed a registered trademark on the phrase in 1989 to attach it to their brand. They filed a lawsuit against another restaurant chain after seeing that it was used, but the lawsuit resulted in bad press so they have stopped enforcing their trademark. They still use it as their brand’s signature, and rightfully so!

Marketing Gold Mine

Taco Tuesday has helped bring business to taco eateries on a night in which not many decide to go out to eat. By using the phrase accompanied with a few promotions on tacos and/or drinks, Mexican restaurants can entice their target consumer base to enjoy a nice Tuesday night out for dinner. Usually, it isn’t just a taco deal that is indulged upon. This small ploy is used nationwide by many restaurants and it has driven highly successful results!

The Internet Sensation

Taco Tuesday, as mentioned before, is a phrase that you’ll see on social media often. It is one of the most popular hashtags (#TacoTuesday) on Twitter and Instagram. It is just a simple, catchy phrase that puts people in the mood for tacos! So why not use it?

Benny’s Taco Tuesday

At Benny’s Tacos, we celebrate our Taco Tuesday with a promotion that you can redeem here. If you’ve never participated in a Taco Tuesday before, please come join us!

Find Benny’s Tacos at the Latin Food Fest This Year!

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A Celebration You Can’t Miss

On March 24-25, the Latin Food Fest, America’s largest annual Hispanic Culinary celebration will arrive for the fifth time. This time, the fest will land adjacent to the famous Santa Monica pier, hoping to draw thousands of attendees, showcasing the masterworks of diverse Latin American cuisines while helping to bring awareness and raise funds for the fight against hunger for the Campanile Foundation. The fifth annual Latin Food Fest will also take place in San Diego, from August 18-19 and Orange County from November 10-11, 2017.

Why Celebrate?

The purpose of the Latin Food Fest is to celebrate the diversity of Latin American nations in the culinary world. The fest will highlight toothsome and savory dishes and beverages from a plethora of chefs, restaurants, and caterers; utilizing the tastes of Central and South America and the Caribbean cuisines. Attendees will be able to chow down on various Latin American dishes, from Cuban sandwiches, tacos, tamales, and llapingachos. There will also be tastings of wine and spirit brands from destinations such as Argentina and Chile.


The events planned for the Latin Food Fest will certainly psych any foodie up. The fest will launch with the “Havana Nights Supperclub”, then the “Chefs Night Out Kickoff Party” on March 24. The next day will include “Gran Tasting”, the ultimate tasting experience, the energetic street food party “Mercado”, and chef’s dinner.

The Gran Tasting

The “Gran Tasting” is where restaurants, caterers, chefs, wineries, and distillers will be given the opportunity to showcase their finest dishes and products. All incoming attendees will have a grand time at every one of these events. Their palates will also be deeply satisfied as well.

We’ll Be There

Benny’s Tacos & Chicken Rotisserie, with locations in Santa Monica and near LAX, is proud to be invited to be part of the list to exhibit our scrumptious dishes in the 2017 Gran Tasting. Benny’s Tacos will have a booth, where attendees may be able to enjoy their take on tacos, burritos, and possibly rotisserie chicken! We’ll be at the Latin Food Fest on March 25th from 11am-3pm adjacent to the Santa Monica Pier. We hope you all come in hungry and leave full satisfied! We’ll see you all there!

Impress The Rest With Great Burrito Eating Etiquette

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Burrito Eating Mess

In some ways, burritos are very similar to hamburgers. They’re both some of the most casual foods in every hungry eater’s minds, both edible treasures usually devoured with your hands, both are a staple in their cultures, and both can get pretty darn messy when you eat them. Walk into any Mexican food joint and tell us that you have not seen the inside of a burrito being scattered all over a plate. Burritos are several delicious ingredients of beans, rice, sour cream, meat, cheese; all held together by a single soft tortilla; there’s no way to know how long it will hold until it falls apart. However, believe it or not, there are right and wrong ways to eat a burrito. For this blog, we want to address some tips into the perfect burrito-eating etiquette and some ways to avoid when eating them.

Things to Avoid

Let’s directly dive in to what you should not do when devouring your burrito. These are several rookie moves people may take because they simply do not know any better.

1. Unwrapping the Entire Burrito

Bean Trio

Normally, burritos are wrapped in foil or paper. This is for good reason. The foil helps in preventing the burrito from falling apart as the wrapping may not be tight enough to hold the ingredients in. Pick it up with your bare hands; the burrito may implode right in front of you.

2. Laying It Down

Southwest Burrito

If you put your burrito on its side after taking a bite of it, some of the filling might drip out. Instead, place it upright, standing up if you need to put your burrito down and rest your hands. As long as the wrapping is secure and rolled well, then you can safely let go of your burrito, but if it’s not and it’s a little floppy; we recommend you to never let it go.

The Right Ways To Eat

Now, let’s discuss the cleaner and proper routes to take when chowing down a burrito.

1. Peel Down the Foil or Wrapping

While keeping the majority of the burrito wrapped in foil, peel down just over a quarter of the foil, maybe just an inch or two when you start eating. DO NOT UNWRAP THE ENTIRE BURRITO. The leftover wrapping should safely keep it all together. After unwrapping a little bit of it, stand it up and start eating!

2. Start at the Corner

As you start eating, bite the top corner of the burrito while holding it lightly. Then trim and work your way across to keep the line even. If you do start by biting in the middle, it’s more likely that the filling will fall out.

3. Use Both of Your Hands

Grabbing your burrito with both hands will keep it sound and steady. Just don’t squeeze the burrito too tightly.

4. Cut it In Half


Some burritos can come out rather big, maybe too big to handle. If you want to share or minimize the risk of spilling, cut it in half. A halved burrito may spill more, so keep a fork on your side. Also, remember to continue keeping it in the foil, peeling slowly as you work your way down.

5. The Final Finish

Best part about keeping the burrito in the foil is that you can save it or take a break anytime you want. But when are nearing the end of your meal, this is when you can fully unwrap whatever is remaining of the burrito. Unfold the upper tortilla inwards to create your own little dumpling and savor those last bites. It’ll be like your own victory lap!

Practice Your New Etiquette at Benny’s

Take your new burrito-eating etiquette to the test when you stop by Benny’s Tacos & Chicken Rotisserie in West LA and Santa Monica! Come say hello to flavorful options of the ever-classic burrito! From traditional to Rotisserie Chicken to Al Pastor to Fajita style, you’ll experience unforgettable deliciousness of this dish!  


Organize Sports Event Catering For The Big Game

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Big Games and Delicious Food

Watching sports is a timeless event. Whether you’re sitting in the bleachers and watching a game live or in front of the television set in the comfort of your own home, watching a big sports game in the company of your pals is surely a great time. This type of event only gets better with delicious food. The Super Bowl, the mother of all sporting events in the US, is about occur in a few weeks, so this is a perfect opportunity to order your sports event catering for your house viewing party. From tailgates to house parties, Benny’s Tacos has excellent catering menus to order to compliment the big games that you’ll be watching.

The Super Bowl

Your Super Bowl house party needs three things: beers, a television set, and a delicious abundance of food. The Super Bowl is nearly a four hour event, so amazing food should definitely be right up your alley. Football, an ice-cold beer paired with rotisserie chicken or fresh beef tacos are clearly a match made in heaven. When you have our food catered to you, you’ll be able to serve yourself some delectable eats in pre-game, half time, and post game without the food ever being too cold to serve.

Tailgates and Other Parking Lot Catering

Love delivering foods for the Rams’ tailgate party!

Savoring every little taste.

Whether it’s for soccer, football, or baseball; Los Angeles is home to several major teams with a wealth of devoted fans. Tailgating is the ultimate fan experience; chowing down on good food and getting yourself pumped up for the big game. Fans love to BBQ themselves, but tailgate catering is definitely the way to go. Benny’s Tacos & Chicken Rotisserie was lucky enough to cater for several tailgate parties, particularly for ESPN, for the Los Angeles Rams during the 2016 season. It was a terrific experience encountering so many hungry hardcore football fans and meeting several friendly sports personalities. When there are many hungry fans, the catering should be able to feed plenty. Benny’s Tacos has got the whole thing covered in that department.

Mexican Food Catering is the Right Choice

Yes to Mexican cuisine!

Benny’s Tacos is able to offer professional sports event catering services consisting of fresh
authentic Mexican dishes, handmade tortillas, season rotisserie chicken, and homemade salsas. We’ve designed a multiple catering menus that will be able to feed a number of guests and satisfy their taste buds. We’ll arrive at your door and set up at your convenience. If you’re a company looking to cater your tailgate event, we’re the right team to call. Simply give us a 24 hours heads up and we’ll cover the rest. Call 818.612.3875 for more details. For sports event catering, call us either of our locations in Los Angeles or Santa Monica.

Have the Best New Year’s Finger Foods on Display

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End the Year Just Right

This month marks another end to the year. With New Year’s Eve on the horizon, it’s time to reminisce about the past year’s ups and downs, new year’s resolutions, and, most importantly, the food you’ll be serving at your annual New Year’s Eve party. Having the right type of food is crucial for any party, let alone the last party of the year, so why not go with the best type: Mexican food! Most parties usually go with the same basics such as chips, pretzels, pizza, and hot dogs. This time, if you choose to cater with Benny’s Tacos & Chicken Rotisserie, you’ll have on display several amazing choices to end the year with a bang. Fortunately for you, Benny’s Tacos offers catering that includes easy-to-eat, delicious Mexican cuisine. For this blog, let’s highlight the best Mexican New Year finger foods that you must get for the big party.

Ultimate Finger Foods


One thing that is always at a New Year’s Eve bash is scrumptious finger foods. When people attend an end of the year party, they usually concentrate more on champagne and cocktails than eating elaborate dinner meals. Finger foods are simple enough where people can eat, mingle, and enjoy their glasses until the clock strikes midnight. This year, put aside the usual potato chips and dip, pigs in blanket, crackers and cheese and replace them with some homemade tortilla chips and guacamole, tacos, and quesadillas.

Try our crunchy, perfectly seasoned tortilla chips and pair it with our guacamole dip. Both are made very fresh on the day it’s ordered. Quesadillas are an easy bite layered with cheese and filled with your choice of cheese, rotisserie chicken, al pastor, steak. It’s an easy staple that made even better with a side of sour cream.


Food You Can Count On


Al pastor tacos. Yum!

Some New Year finger foods that you can always rely on would be our tacos. A Mexican cuisine favorite that is simple, tasty, and unforgettable. Our tacos are cooked perfectly and with our catering, you can build the perfect taco that suits your tastes. We use fresh flour tortillas and you can pick from carne asada, chicken, al pastor, shrimp, carnitas, and fish. Vegetarians won’t have to worry about FOMO (“fear of missing out”) either. Veggie eaters can relish in grilled veggies and Portobello mushrooms filled in our soft tortillas. In the end, taco eating won’t be complete without that delicious fresh salsa, cheese, cilantro, onions, beans, pinto beans, grilled jalapenos, and rice.


Scrumptious Veggie tacos

Gotta Have the Main Dish

Even at a party where the food isn’t at the forefront, you still want to have a main dish. Benny’s Tacos has the answer for you. Our slow-cooked rotisserie chicken is one of the best in the business; marinated with garlic & special herbs and accompanied by your choice of Spanish rice, beans, or seasoned French fries. Wrap our chicken in our homemade corn & flour tortillas for maximum enjoyment.

Perfect Dessert

Finally, what’s the best finger food dessert of all time? Yes that will be those toothsome deep-fried churros, dressed with sugar and cinnamon. A quick eat and perfect dessert to your last meal of the year.

Mexican New Year Traditions

After party goers are finishing up their Mexican meals, be sure to remind them and yourself some Latin New Year’s Eve traditions that you can and should adapt this year. Some that will bring you good fortune would be burning candles, surrounded by lentils, beans, rice, corn, and cinnamon or throwing a bucket of water out the window. However, our favorite has to be eating 12 grapes before midnight. Instead of a midnight kiss, eating a dozen grapes will bring you good luck in the new year.

Benny’s Will Bring the Best Food to You

Now you’re thinking that maybe you won’t have time to cook and prepare all these delicious New Year finger foods we just listed, but you’ll happy to know that Benny’s Tacos & Chicken Rotisserie is a local Mexican food stop that specializes in catering and delivering great Mexican foods in bulk. Call us or visit our website to learn more about out party platters and what we can do for you.

The Delightful Flavors of a Mexican Breakfast

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Spice Up Your Morning

Where most traditional breakfast dishes can be light, a Mexican breakfast offers an array of heavy, delicious dishes. We at Benny’s Tacos & Chicken Rotisserie pride ourselves in serving the best in comfort and casual Mexican cuisine to all diners in the Los Angeles and Santa Monica communities. Of course, we serve the favorites such as tacos, burritos, rotisserie chicken, fajitas, and quesadillas, but for the rest of this blog, we want to highlight our tasty Mexican breakfast items.

Multiple Amazing Ingredients


American Grande!

In Spanish breakfast translates to “el desayuno.” According to Mr. Breakfast the tortilla is the defining element of a Mexican breakfast. In fact, the tortilla is even referred to as the “Bread of Mexico.” At Benny’s Tacos, we include tortillas in a few of our breakfast dishes like our Huevos Rancheros (which comes with two eggs any style, pinto or black beans, queso fresco, red sauce, and corn or flour tortillas) and our popular American Grande (complete with two eggs any style, potatoes, four piece bacon, two pancakes, tortillas).


Breakfast Burrito!

Like most of the Mexican dishes, a Mexican breakfast is no different when it comes to spices and dishes with vibrant colors (think chili peppers and chorizo). At Benny’s we have a mouth watering Breakfast Burrito which has tasty ingredients like scrambled eggs, cheddar/jack cheese, potatoes, chorizo (although you could substitute this with bacon), pinto or black beans and pico de gallo. Our Breakfast Burrito is a filling way to start your day!


Huevos Rancheros!

Refried beans are a natural choice for some of our breakfast items, because they are a Mexican staple. Our American Grande, Huevos Rancheros, Breakfast Burrito, dishes all come with a choice of pinto or black beans. In America eating beans for breakfast may seem like a foreign idea but in Mexico beans are a prominent addition to the majority of dishes. As a buddy to most Mexican dishes, it’s a great treat as a breakfast item for Americans who aren’t used to beans (particularly in the morning!).

Wake Up All Day at Benny’s


Breakfast Quesadillas!

For those in love with any of our dishes mentioned above just know at Benny’s Tacos you have the luxury of ordering from the Breakfast menu all day. Located in Santa Monica and near LAX, swing by and give one of our Mexican breakfast items a try!

Local Community Fundraising at Benny’s Tacos

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12974398_1089421411122291_401030414162960651_nFundraiser at Benny’s Tacos

Summer is coming to an end which signifies several scenarios. One is that the new school year is about to begin. Number two is that the fall season for sports teams is revving up. Three is that organizations are again starting to look for ways to fund their projects for the upcoming Autumn and Fall. All these scenarios suggest the opportunity for local community fundraising for the respected communities in West Los Angeles. One exciting way to raise money is by going through your favorite local eatery here in West Los Angeles: Benny’s Tacos! We host fundraisers to help schools, local sports teams, youth groups, charities, and other organizations to help raise income for their cause.

Easy Fundraising

Benny’s Tacos has now become a staple in the Los Angeles and Santa Monica community where relationships are built between several establishments, community programs, and us. We invite every organization with a worthy cause to hold their fundraisers at Benny’s Tacos, utilizing our delicious Mexican food menu and our sales and giving them a percentage of it. No doubt, one of the main obstacles of fundraising is the effort, coordination, planning, and execution. Budget, marketing, timing are also key factors. By conducting a local community fundraiser with Benny’s Tacos, these obstacles will be minimal and become much simpler.

How It Works

1) Contact us at one of our locations and then pick a date and time. Fundraisers with us are only held Monday-Thursday during business hours.

2) Your organization must design a flyer/invitation with all the information about the fundraiser and then print it out. Make copies and hand them out in your community. You can also leave some at our store.

3) On the day of the event, come and enjoy a meal with us! For all the people who comes into Benny’s with a flier, we will give you a check for 25% of those gross sales.

Great Benefits

So basically: bring the flyer to us, eat some delicious food, and the organization will get 25% of the sales! Local sports teams can update their equipment and their field. Schools can finally kick off some of their programs and produce better facilities. College groups such as sororities, fraternities, and clubs can raise funds for their projects. Charities can earn more donations to better the lives of people. So many benefits from a fundraiser.

Stronger Bonds

Benny’s Tacos has a stronger relationship in the community and we want to make our bonds even more so. Visit our local community fundraising page on our website learn more how you can initiate a local fundraising event at Benny’s to raise the money you need and have a good time.

The Benefits of Corporate Catering

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Company Catering Builds A Better Environment

When it comes to corporate catering, Los Angeles is the mecca for many large and small corporations, offices, and companies; all with a number of dedicated and promising employees. Corporate events like meetings, conferences, employee parties, company lunches, and team building events are necessary for the growth of a company. So what do all these events have in common? Food and lots of it. Corporate catering is more ways than one vital to a company lunch or event. The workplace culture is only improved with team events and lunches, so great food is essential. Luckily, Benny’s Tacos is a refreshing local food eatery that offers spectacular Mexican food at their locations and in their catering. We have brought our excellent catering services to many companies around the LA district and love to continue this service in the future. Here is what we can offer and why our corporate catering service would be the right option for companies and employees.

What Is Gained From Company Lunches

Sometimes, employees from big companies are tired of eating at the same cafeteria food during lunch hour, everyday. Or they won’t have the time to bring a home lunch in the morning because of LA traffic. A company that picks a special day to offer catering of brand new food is a special gesture to all who work there. The workplace culture is definitely improved when all workers get together and eat together at work. This creates friendships and better collaborations. Furthermore, ideas can be thrown around and work flow could be refined when employees are chatting in one area. A company;s employees will also realize how much they are cared for and feel like their work is paying off.

Keys To Success

The keys for a successful corporate catering are simple: scrumptious food, easy to eat, and fresh quality. Benny’s Tacos is proud to offer Mexican catering services for all corporate functions, lunch meetings, and parties. We will supply our guests with a fresh array of authentic Mexican dishes; from rotisserie chicken, handmade tortillas, tacos, fajitas, and more. Our catering menu can feed at least 15 people and can be arranged at least a day in advance. Some of our returning catering customers that have thoroughly enjoyed our services include Google, Yelp, Hulu, Sony Pictures, Boys & Girls Club, Univision, Fandango, LMU, Otis, and more.

Rely On Benny

Now that you know the benefits of organizing a company lunch and event, it’s time to start planning. Your corporate catering will be in good hands and worthwhile for your company and your employees. Call Benny’s Tacos at 818.612.3875 for any inquiries that you might have.

Spicy Meals Will Cool You Down in the Summer

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fajita burrito
Cooling Down With Spicy Food

When someones thinks of the summer heat in California, he/she usually wonders about what cold foods to eat to help cool down their bodies. What is actually true is that spicy meals can also help cool you down during a hot, summer day. Another true thing is that we can always rely of Mexican cuisine to deliver us delicious and spicy flavors to their dishes. However the question remains, how does spicy meals and Mexican food help us cool down in the hot air?

Mexico Loves Spicy

Mexican cuisine is not traditionally spicy overall. Although, they do incorporate spices, peppers, and chiles in a lot of their meals, sauces, garnish, and salsas. Depending on the region, the food may be more spicier than others. Since chiles are well-grown and are abundant in Mexico, they are cultivated often in the kitchen. Chili peppers also help to preserve food and prevent spoilage on others. All in all, even though Mexico has one of the hottest climates in the world, the people and the culture still loves to eat their spicy meals all through the year.

How Do We Cool Down by Eating Spicy?

So why are people eating spicy foods in scorching hot weather? Are they crazy? Not really. According to nutritionist Diane Radler, spicy foods will make you sweat, thus ultimately helping you cool down faster. Let’s get more scientific. Eating and drinking cold items like ice cream or an iced tea will certainly cool you down on a hot day, but it won’t last long. Because the internal temperature in your body cools fast, your body compensates it by raising your temperature. The effect of spicy food is that it will also raise your internal temperature. Once the moisture from your sweat evaporates, you’ll be all cool and cozy.

Spicy Meals to Chow Down on at Benny’s Tacos

shrimp fajita.

Los Angeles is the next best thing to Mexico when it comes to finding incredible Mexican cuisine. Benny’s Tacos is delightfully one of LA’s Mexican eateries that offers delectable dishes of the culture. Of course we love our food spicy as well. Our Fajitas adds much savory spiciness to your meal, consisting of a mix of meat, onions, cilantro, pico de gallo, and fresh bell peppers. Or order up a plate of Nachos or Supreme Fries. Both arrive with a little bit of zestiness and jalapeno along with it. There is always a presence of spicy to most of dishes due to our red sauces and salsas.

Spend Summer Here

June marks the official beginning of the hot summer, but don’t that stop you from enjoy your favorite spicy meals. Cool down with some good spicy meals at Benny’s Tacos, we can’t to see you again.
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