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Tacos Done Right

From our love of food and travel, we searched the world looking for the best ingredients to make the single greatest food ever, TACOS!  We came across many good tacos, some not so good tacos, and of course a few awful tacos.

Upon returning from our travels, having eaten countless Mexican food meals, we realized that Los Angeles was in need of a proper taco! We knew we had to create more than just an enticing smell; we needed to create an amazing flavor.  Once we started grilling some of the highest quality carne asada, chicken, fish and other meats on an authentic rotisserie spit, just as they do on the streets of Mexico, mixed with all the finest and freshest ingredients that we had gathered, we knew we were creating something amazing.

After spending years trying out recipes for tacos, burritos, quesadillas, rotisserie chicken and more on our very willing friends and families, we knew were finally ready to take Benny’s Tacos and Chicken Rotisserie to the public. Los Angeles diners immediately started raving about our unique, exquisite meals, that they were like no other Mexican food they had ever tasted!  At Benny’s, we’re about more than just tacos and rotisserie chicken, our goal is to create the best Mexican food in LA. That’s why we offer a full breakfast menu, delicious salads, quesadillas, shrimp and seafood cocktails, lobster wraps, handmade tortillas, even tons of vegetarian options plus so much more.

More Than Just Great Tacos

Our goal of sharing our amazing food doesn’t just stop when you’re here at Benny’s Tacos. We’re also glad to deliver from our kitchen to you, using online ordering to serve the Venice, Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey and Culver City areas.  Are you looking to cater a special event? Benny’s has you covered for a party, business luncheon or any other special event with our catering service.

We want to bring to our loyal customers our years of experience in travel, tasting and cooking coupled with our pride and customer service.  When you come to Benny’s Tacos, ask for Benny himself and let him know what you think.  It has taken us years to find the unique flavors we’ve created and we always want to know what you think.  At Benny’s Tacos, you’re part of our family!

Benny’s Tacos Has Even Been Featured on America’s Best Bites!


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