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The History of Tacos

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The history of the taco is somewhat illusive. While we have records of the tools and materials used in many of the foods of Mexico, it is far harder to prove when exactly certain ingredients were combined. People weren’t exactly writing about their diet in diaries. However, we do know the history of tortillas pretty well, and we can assume that where there were tortillas, someone was probably using them as a taco.


The domestication and widespread use of corn can be traced back around 9,000 years ago to southern Mexico. As one of the earliest cultivated vegetables, corn was used all across the region and was quickly adapted into what we would come to know as tortillas.

Though tortillas were eaten for thousands of years, it wasn’t until the Aztecs came along that we had any proof that they were being used for tacos.

It is believed that Aztecs (1428-1521) ate several tortillas with every meal, and there are some records that help support this. But more importantly, this nearly 100 year period is when we got our first written account of the food that would become tacos.

The First Taco

The earliest anthropological record of tacos dates to the 15th or 16th century in the Valley of Mexico. It is believed that the indigenous people of the lake region ate tortillas filled with fish (meaning the first taco could be a fish taco!). There are writings from when the Spanish arrived in 1517 and enjoyed a feast of tacos, so we know that the native peoples had been eating them long enough for it to be a tradition they shared with the conquistadors.

However, some believe the term was first coined in Mexican silver mines, as the term tacos de mineros (miner’s tacos) appears in the late 19th century and is the first example of modern use of the term.

Modern Day

Whether it was 9,000 years ago or 500 years ago, what is certainly true is that tacos as a dish have constantly evolved and changed. For natives of South America, a taco is always a corn tortilla, it is not fried, and it is rarely served with things like lettuce and cheese. Instead, it is often garnished with onions, guacamole, salsa, or other sauces. Since the origins of the corn tortilla, the taco has been endlessly articulated and adapted to suit environments and populations though.

For instance, flour tortillas are a relatively recent addition to variations on tacos. Most of Mexico was not cultivating wheat until they began interacting with the Americas and trade opened. This is one of the reasons that ‘American tacos’ are more commonly larger and use flour tortillas whereas most Mexican people would shake their heads at such an idea. Even more bizarre to them would be the trend of frying taco shells.

While the fried shell has become common across much of America, it was definitely not invented in Mexico. Like the original taco, it is hard to say when the ‘hard-shell’ tradition of tacos started, but some experts believe it came from none other than Taco Bell founder Glen Bell in the early 1960s. Bell needed a way to mass produce tacos and frying and storing shells was far more efficient than cooking them on-site. Thus, the American taco was born.

Nowadays, there has been a resurgence in traditional, Mexican tacos, but millions of Americans still know and love fried shell tacos or flour tortilla tacos with lettuce and tomato.

Here at Benny’s Tacos, we don’t take sides. As long as it is delicious, that is all that matters, and we offer a variety of tacos that blend the old and the new. Check out our menu today!

The Quesadilla: Where it Comes from and What Makes it so Good?

The Quesadilla: Where it Comes from and What Makes it so Good

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If you’re craving a quick, delicious Mexican meal and look past the burritos and tacos there’s one option that stands out: the quesadilla. Quesadillas are a staple of Mexican family kitchens everywhere and because of their broad appeal they have evolved tremendously over time. A simple food, the standard quesadilla is a combination of either two corn or flower tortillas or one folded over with cheese and other fillings in the middle. Once it is fried or toasted, it finally becomes a full quesadilla: Golden, Gooey and delicious. The name is derived from the word “queso” which is Spanish for cheese. Now, we can tell where the named came from but when, where and how did we start eating these lovely meals?

It All Started with the Tortilla
The Quesadilla: Where it Comes from and What Makes it so Good?

The origins of the corn tortilla are very, very hard to track down but it is known that they do pre-date the arrival of the Spanish to Mexico by quite a bit. Maize was a major staple in the ancient Aztec diet and was used to develop masa, the dough that would end up being the foundation for tortillas. In 1519 the Native Mexican populations were greeted to the Spaniards, led by Hermando Coretz, and the new arrivals noticed this flat maize bread was different than what they were used to from the Old World. It was called “tiaxcalli” by the native Nahuatl population but the Spanish eventually established it as “tortilla” (little cake) and added some meat to it that would ultimately form the early quesadilla (turnover style foods were very popular in Medieval Spain).

Changing with the Times
The Quesadilla: Where it Comes from and What Makes it so Good?

Prior to the arrival of the Spanish, meat in quesadillas was rare as meat in general was consumed far less but with this addition the Old World and the New World were brought together and created a brand new, delicious meal. In time Dominican Monks would introduce Oaxaca cheese to Mexico and create what would be the cheese of choice… for a time. As the world evolved, so did the base of the quesadilla. To meet the demands of major cities, grain was used to create flour tortillas, which would become one of the default options when it comes to quesadillas. With their expansion far from slowing down, new types of cheeses were utilized as the food reached new regions, especially in the Southwestern U.S. where Monterey Jack, Cheddar and Colby Jack cheeses became the dominant filling. The journey never ceases though, and Benny’s has some quesadilla options that’ll make your mouth water.

Today’s Quesadilla
The Quesadilla: Where it Comes from and What Makes it so Good?

 Here at Benny’s Tacos we serve some of the best quesadillas across Los Angeles! They’re served with flour tortillas, jack cheese and caramelized onions with poblano chilies. Some of our options include the delicious veggie quesadilla with grilled veggies and mushrooms, two types of chicken quesadillas (rotisserie and chipotle), and of course the carnitas, carne asada, and shrimp quesadillas. Most restaurants have their own spin on the formula and while we have our strong base of ingredients we also make sure you have plenty of meat and cheese to go around. These quesadillas will get you full! So drop by today and enjoy a food that is the perfect mix of old and new, and has come a long way since it’s early inception. Quesadillas are here to stay, and we plan on delivering the best!

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Take Out is the Best

Mexican Take Out is the Best Take Out, Here’s why!

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Mexican take out handily reigns supreme over all other forms of take out! Okay, so we may be a tad bit biased here at Benny’s Tacos Chicken and Rotisserie but we do have a pretty good case to back this up. Sure, we can directly compare ourselves to those other forms of take out but we believe there are some truly fundamental reasons that make Mexican take out the best take out! So let’s take a deep dive to why you should make a point to pick up some solid Mexican food when you’re feeling your hunger levels rise.

Variety is the Name of the Game

When it comes to options, Mexican take out is practically unmatched. Think about it – you get a variety of meats done in a number of styles. If we look at the example of pork you can turn it into al pastor or carnitas, with chicken we get a rotisserie and chipotle and there’s always good ol’ beef with its bevy of preparation options. Not a carnivore? Almost everything has a vegetarian option these days and Mexican food uses the fundamentals in very unique ways. Additionally, all kinds of dishes fit great in a to-go box. Stuff some tacos, grab a couple burritos or even do a full plate.  Mexican food is dynamic and makes for a great pick up when you’re in the mood, there’s so much to choose from. And as for after picking it up…

The Smell and the Anticipation

One of the best sensations after receiving freshly prepared food is entirely nasal. Your sense of smell works very closely with your sense of taste, more so than any other sensations you have in your body. Smell creates a perception of flavor and fresh Mexican take out can create a build up that will make that first bite extra special. So when you leave the restaurant with your new batch of tacos or supreme fries, your journey will tease you just enough so that when you do finally make it home your sense of anticipation can allow for a fantastic meal, something well worth the wait. Now speaking of the meal itself…

You Can Feed A LOT of People

One of the great things about Mexican take out (Mexican food in general, really) is that it’s often times meant to feed a lot of people or feed one person REALLY well. Who has gotten a giant burrito only to cut it in half or let someone have the unfinished portion? Tacos are inexpensive enough to where purchasing numerous ones in different styles is a very reasonable option. One order of nachos can feed three people on a Saturday night sitting around trying to figure out where to go next. The sensation of coming home with something to eat that feeds everyone is a wonderful one, and it being generally affordable compared to other options is a huge bonus. Mexican food allows you to do more with less and there’s usually something for everyone.

So, if you’re Feeling Hungry…

…We know a great place that does Mexican Take out (Hint: You’re on the site right now). Benny’s offers a variety of options on our menu, so everyone can find something they like. Benny’s Tacos and Rotisserie does dine-in, to-go, Uber Eats and all kinds of other orders so you can have your fantastic Mexican food anyway you like it anywhere you like it. Feed your family, feed a friend, feed yourself or feed a stranger, whatever way you want to do to do it we can help get the food where it needs to go and make for a wonderful dinner anyone can enjoy. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for a up close look at some of our best eats and come by any of our three locations (Santa Monica, Culver City, and Westchester) when you’re feeling hungry, we got you covered!

Supreme Fries – The Next Great Late Night Food

Supreme Fries – The Next Great Late Night Food?

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We know you’ve heard of carne asada fries, one of California’s biggest staples of recent years, but what if you want to switch it up from time to time on those late nights out? Benny’s – as always – has you covered. Our Supreme fries are an evolution of one of California’s staple sides and what distinguishes it from most other places is something very simple: Choice. Usually these kinds of fries are served exclusively with Carne Asada with a helping of shredded cheese, sour cream, guacamole and pico de gallo on top of a plate of fries. With our Supreme Fries you’ll get all those things (with Benny’s signature freshness) and your choice of our very own carne asada, chipotle or rotisserie chicken, carnitas, fish, shrimp or lobster. Yes, you read that list correctly. 

While not seen in traditional Mexican restaurants, Supreme Fries have become a California staple and are often a great go-to before or after a big night on the town. They originated in San Diego and have since made their way across the state, picking up various distinctions between cities. Benny’s likes to go big though, and in addition to the standard ingredients and meat selection we offer optional pickled jalapenos and even beans as part of the serving (black or pinto… yeah, choice)! We recommend mixing and matching different meats and toppings to see which ones become your ideal Supreme Fries. Do you prefer Classic carne asada with all the main fixings? Maybe Rotisserie chicken with black beans is more your thing. How about carnitas with pinto beans and pickled jalapenos? The options are there and there’s never a bad time to try something new! 

Supreme Fries, specifically the carne asada variation, are a recent invention (late 90s’) but have taken the South West portion of the United State by storm! It’s hard to walk into any California Mexican establishment and NOT find them but if you’re on a quest for the perfect combination that suits YOU… well, Benny’s has you covered. The ingredients are fresh, the fries are crisp, the meat is whatever you want it to be and your stomach will be happy you treated it to something tasty. Now, stop salivating over photos and head over to Benny’s. It’s a great time to indulge in this new California favorite! 

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Taco Tuesday is a celebrated tradition!

Taco Tuesday – A Legendary Tradition

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For as long as we can remember, Taco Tuesday has been a tradition for restaurants and bars serving the tasty Mexican dish. The day is celebrated from college campus to small town to office complexes on lunch breaks, despite the fact that it arrives every single week. From a marketing standpoint, Taco Tuesday has been a restaurant owner’s best friend. It drives hungry mobs of taco lovers to a night out simply because of a catchy alliteration.

You might see #TacoTuesday on social media often. You’ll get the occasional message from a friend asking to participate in Taco Tuesday.  In short, Tacos made Tuesdays popular. But where did this come from and why?

The Origin of Taco Tuesday

According to The Strange History of Taco Tuesday, the promotional phrase was started in 1982 by a chain called Taco John’s based out of Cheyenne, Wyoming. In fact, Taco John’s placed a registered trademark on the phrase in 1989 to attach it to their brand. They filed a lawsuit against another restaurant chain after seeing that it was used, but the lawsuit resulted in bad press so they have stopped enforcing their trademark. They still use it as their brand’s signature, and rightfully so!

Marketing Gold Mine

Taco Tuesday has helped bring business to taco eateries on a night in which not many decide to go out to eat. By using the phrase accompanied with a few promotions on tacos and/or drinks, Mexican restaurants can entice their target consumer base to enjoy a nice Tuesday night out for dinner. Usually, it isn’t just a taco deal that is indulged upon. This small ploy is used nationwide by many restaurants and it has driven highly successful results!

The Internet Sensation

Taco Tuesday, as mentioned before, is a phrase that you’ll see on social media often. It is one of the most popular hashtags (#TacoTuesday) on Twitter and Instagram. It is just a simple, catchy phrase that puts people in the mood for tacos! So why not use it?

Benny’s Taco Tuesday

At Benny’s Tacos, we celebrate our Taco Tuesday with a promotion that you can redeem here. If you’ve never participated in a Taco Tuesday before, please come join us!
healthy taco ideas

5 Healthy Taco Ideas at Benny’s

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All For The Love of Tacos

Walk around the streets of Los Angeles randomly asking people if they like tacos, I am sure you won’t be surprised to discover the answer is yes. In fact, most people will probably respond with a, “duh” or “why would you ask such a question?”

Tacos are simple and picky-eater friendly; making them one of the most sought after meals. You can even customize them to be more health conscious. Rather than compiling a huge list of healthy taco ideas, we decided to compile 5 healthy taco ideas you can begin eating or cooking today. 

polling peoples love of tacos and you won’t be surprised to find move

Breakfast Taco:
 Equipped with a strong foundation – scrambled eggs and chorizo – this dish will certainly pump you with early morning energy. Add in the black beans (more protein) and caramelized onions for flavor and voila! You are ready for the day!

Carnitas Taco:
Did you know that Carnitas, or slow-cooked pork, is full of Vitamins A and C? Our Carnitas Tacos are topped with avocado and onion-cilantro which makes for a fresh contrast to munch on around lunch or dinner time.

Chipotle Chicken Taco: Our shredded chicken mixed with a red sauce and a salsa queso fresco will give you the flavor bomb you need. However, is all that sauce healthy? Maybe not, so don’t be afraid to add in a few delectable veggie toppings!.

Grilled Fish Taco: Calling all seafood lovers! Cabbage salad, avocado and pico de gallo will top off your grilled Mexican Bass taco for a light, crisp finish in each bite. It’s the perfect entree for a hot day!

Grilled Veggies Taco: Zucchini, yellow squash, onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, lettuce, avocado, salsa and jack cheese. What more could you ask for? Whether you’ve given up meat entirely, or you’d just like to try something new, this is the taco that should be on your 2018 bucket list!

Don’t feel like cooking? It’s cool we get it. Be sure to stop by one of our locations if you are not in the mood to cook your own batch of tacos. 

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Celebrate Christmas For Days During Las Posadas

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A Wonderful Way To Celebrate The Holidays

We are finally in the last month of the year; the weather is at it’s lowest temperatures, decorations are up, and Christmas is closing in. Christmas is a joyful time of unveiling presents and gathering with your family for delicious home cooking. However the holiday is ultimately celebrated for one day, but there is another Christmas tradition that is celebrated across Latin America for numerous days. It is ‘Las Posadas’, a wonderful tradition that has been celebrated for over 400 years. This is a nine day celebration that strongly continues today in Latin communities. The holiday may not be recognized to Westerners, but it is indeed a wonderful way to spend Christmas with your family.

Nine Days of Celebration

‘Las Posadas’ is a series of procession and parties held every night from December 16th to December 24th, leading up to Christmas Day. The nine days symbolize the “novenario”, the nine days of religious observance based on the number of months, Mary had Jesus in her womb. Posadas are usually held in neighborhoods in Mexico and is quickly becoming popular in the US. On each evening, a reenactment of Mary and Joseph’s difficult journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem in search of shelter is performed, by a man or a woman, young or old.

Re-enactments and Festivities

Every evening, the re-enactment will take place at a different house as the performers dress in costume with Mary sometimes riding a donkey. The process of Las Posadas is that Mary and Joseph travel from house to house, asking each resident for shelter by singing a special song (La Cancion Para Pedir Posada). They are given permission to enter when the resident of the house sings back to them offering festive foods such as hot tamales and hot ponche. Attendants may dress as shepherds and angels, holding candlesticks and paper lanterns along the way. The ritual ends when the entire procession is in the house, giving a prayer. The rituals are often followed by Christmas carols, Christmas star pinatas for the children, and a feast.

Nochebuena and Misa de Gallo

The last day of the Posadas is Christmas Eve. On this day, families will celebrate Nochebuena (“goodnight” in Spanish). As claimed by writer Connor Adams Sheets, Nochebuena is the biggest Christmas feast for the culture, usually held in family households. The dinner often features roast pork (lechon) surrounded by plates of traditional Mexican sides such as rice, beans, tamales, and salads. The celebration of Nochebuena usually lasts until the next morning on Christmas Day. The evening’s festivities is topped off with Misa de Gallo (Mass of Roosters), a midnight mass that commemorates the birth of Jesus and based on the legend of the rooster who announced to the world his birth. Sparklers and fireworks are brought out celebrating until the dawn of Christmas morning. Christmas presents are also opened at midnight and Christmas Day is used as a full day of rest, recuperating from the festivities from the night before.

Call Us For Our Holiday Catering

We’re happy to offer great hospitality and great food for our catering services. Let us help you out with you Nochebuena or Posadas feast. Our tasty tacos, freshly homemade tortillas, fajitas, rotisserie chicken, and scrumptious salads can always come in handy whenever you’re planning a big feast. Let us supply you with the freshest ingredients during the holidays. You can arrange our catering, simply by calling us at 818-612-3875 or visit our site for more info. Whether you’re planning on celebrating Las Posadas, Christmas Day, or simply a nice winter’s day, make sure to spend it with your family and friends. Happy holidays!


Benny’s Tacos: We do Day of the Dead Catering!

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El Dia de los Muertos, or, the Day of the Dead 

So, the month of October is finally upon us, as is the cooling of the weather and the ever-popular holiday of Halloween. However, Halloween is not the only important holiday that takes occurs at the end of October.   We also have another festival that is today celebrated across the world but originated in Mexico. It is the Day of the Dead, or in Spanish, El Dia de Los Muertos. Believed to have been celebrated in some form or another for three millennia, it is one of the oldest holidays in human history, and strongly lives on today.   However, what is it?

El Dia de Los Muertos  (or the Day of the Dead) is a holiday celebrated across Mexico.  It starts on October 31st and ends November 2nd.  It is a festival largely influenced by pre-Columbian indigenous cultures to Mexico as a means of honoring one’s ancestors. As described by the late writer Frances Ann Day, El Diade Los Muertos consists of three separate dates.  October 31st is All Hallows Eve, a date in which children make altars to invite the spirits of dead children to return from the dead  to visit the living.  November 1st is All Saints Day, when it is believed adult spirits come to visit their living descendents.  November 2nd is All Souls Day, when families visit cemeteries to decorate the graves of their loved ones. Graves are decorated in colorful ways, including flowers and marigolds, lit candles, tequila and other agave-sourced alcoholic beverages for the adult spirits, toys for the children spirits, and the favorite candy of each departed family member.  In addition to setting up altars, family members will often have picnics at the gravesites of their loved ones, where they will enjoy eating their loved ones’ favorite foods.  This can be difficult, for as we all know cooking for large company can be both costly as well time consuming.  Thankfully, it doesn’t have to!

Introducing Day of the Dead catering at Benny’s Tacos

We are happy to announce that we at Benny’s Tacos perform Day of the Dead catering. Let us take the edge off your El Dia De Los Muertos celebration.  Whether you want delicious tacos with fresh handmade tortillas, cool salads made with the freshest of ingredients, high-quality chicken, quesadillas, churros, or more, we have you covered with the freshest Mexican food in Los Angeles. Allow us to handle your Day of the Dead catering so you can instead spend more time this holiday celebrating with your family. Open every day of the week from 8:30 AM to 10:00 PM, we are always around to prepare delicious hot meals for your family and friends.

For the entire month of October (and November!), we will be offering 10% off of all catering. Simply call Benny directly at 818-612-3875 to get this special. To find out more information on our day of the dead catering service and how it works, you can visit our catering page.

We look forward to serving you!

Mexican Food is Healthy and You Should Know How

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Mexican food is healthy and a delicacy, that can sometimes be impossible to ignore. People love Mexican food and in the state of California, it is engrained in the culture. However, is eating too much of it healthy for you? People love it and it’s starting to show up on more menus across the nation, but it’ll be wise for eaters to know if there are healthy options to the cuisine, as well as what the unhealthy options are.

Benny’s Tacos & Chicken Rotisserie is West LA’s reliable Mexican food hub for delicious rotisserie chicken, tacos, quesadillas, burritos, and so much more. We want to help you navigate our menu when you’re looking for healthy choices. We also want to give you some tips to avoid foods in high calories, sodium, and fat. Some individuals may worry that this cuisine will be detrimental to their current diet; rest assured, you won’t have to worry. The common misconception about Mexican food is that it’s not good for you and we’re here to help disprove it.

Mexican Food is one of the most Popular Cuisines in the US

Mexican food has become one of the most eaten cuisines in the US and has become a constant staple in the average Americans’ diet. A lot of the items in the menu of Mexican restaurants in the US can be loaded with sodium and saturated fat. Nachos smothered with melted cheese and a hearty dose of sour cream can certainly give an individual a fatty sensation. Furthermore, when the average Mexican entrees include beef, chicken, cheese, fried tortillas in huge bulks; how can you eat healthy?

Skip the Chips and Salsa

The basket of delectable tortilla chips and savory salsa is often irresistible, but if you are worried about your diet, then it would be better a large basket of only that. Chips & salsa contains too much fat and calories.

Chicken Instead of Ground Beef

It’s widely known that chicken is much healthier to eat than ground beef. For those who may not know, or need a little convincing beef (and red meats in general) tend to have more cholesterol and saturated fat than chicken according to White meat, like chicken also contains fewer calories, for those who still want to have Mexican food but are shaving off a few calories. At Benny’s, not only do we have Rotisserie chicken but Chipotle chicken as well. So choose chicken as your preferred protein for your burritos, tacos, quesadillas, and even nachos! With Rotisserie chicken we also offer it as a Whole chicken, Half chicken, or Quarter chicken, for those who are looking for a great chicken dish without all the extra ingredients that come with items like burritos and nachos.

Come visit us in Santa Monica to check out our great Mexican menu, full of healthy or healthier options that actually taste good!

Mexican Food is the Best Hangover Food!

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Have a Hangover?

At Benny’s Tacos, we make delicious Mexican food that also happens to be the best hangover food! We all know the feeling of having one too many at a party, or just on a regular night out. Waking up the next day could feel like a chore!

So what do you do? Drink a gallon of water and take ibuprofen. But why do that when a hearty, delicious meal can do the trick? In fact, greasy food is great as a preventive measure when drinking. According to Greatist, chomping down on it either during a night out or before going out can help absorb alcohol later as you’re drinking it. Assuming you forgot to stop by Benny’s Tacos before getting too intoxicated, we still have things on the menu that can serve as really good hangover food for the day after.

Menudo Soup

Our homemade Mexican soup is actually one of our traditional hangover remedies. We make it with special ingredients (like beef, tripe, chile powder, green onions and a lot more!) and served with corn tortillas. Menudo is traditionally eaten on the weekends, which is why we only offer it on Saturdays and Sundays.

According to Latin Life Menudo, “is said to stimulate the senses, rejuvenate the insides, and clear the head.” And we can guess why, the spices! The spices we use really warm your body up. Meanwhile, stimulating your senses helps relieve your headache and that pesky overall hangover feeling that you have. If you really want to sweat the hangover out, toss in some hot sauce, to give those spices a real kick! You’ll find out why Menudo is the best food for hangovers when you try ours.

Too Hungover to Make Food

Hangovers are a real nightmare! You’ve spent the morning trying to get out of bed and function, and by lunch or early evening, you’re finally ready to eat something. But you feel too weak, too tired, and too lazy to cook or prepare food (even the thought of making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich seems like a huge task). That’s why you should come to Benny’s Tacos! If you’re going to be hungover, you might as well indulge in some tasty Mexican food. Tacos, burritos, enchiladas, and even rotisserie chicken can help you feel normal again with each bite. Let us cook and serve you while you consider the thought of drinking again. And if you don’t want to dine in, you can order your food to go, or if you feel too tired to make the trip you can order online from our two locations (in Westchester and Santa Monica). We have several options to order from like Grubhub, Eat24, UberEats, Doordash, and more! Let our delicious Mexican food cure your hangover.
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