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Ditch Traditional, Make Your Holiday Meals Memorable

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Make Your Holiday Meal Memorable With Benny's Tacos

The holidays are here! Whether that means you have good times in store or tedious times to come, the holidays almost always mean there are serious holiday meals to be eaten. But what kind of meals will be served is entirely up to you. Sure, we go through the holidays usually eating the same dishes: turkey and ham for Thanksgiving, and then, just one month later, we try and make our Christmas meal more interesting, even though it, too, is made from turkey and ham. Maybe duck if you’re lucky.

If you recognize this situation, then you have two options.

Option One: The Unconventional Holiday Meal

Your first option is to ditch tradition. Forget turkey, ham, and even duck. Ignore the desire to whip up some easy stuffing or cranberry sauce. There’s a time and a place for everything, but holiday meals don’t need to be predictable or boring. Surprise everyone! Try setting a theme for all the food that will be served, or pick only new recipes to cook for a fresh take on a grand holiday meal.

If you’re having family over, consider the demographics of the group. If there are children in attendance, try putting together some decadent nachos, garlic French fries, pigs in a blanket or even onion rings. Consider serving personal sized steaks or enchiladas for something a little different.

Take a chance and make your holiday dinner a little unconventional.

Option Two: Fill Up Before the Meal

Your second option is perfect for those of you not in control of your holiday dinner. Sometimes you just can’t change what’s on the menu, even if you’re not interested in having yet another predictable holiday dinner. And in that case, your only option is to prepare for the expected.

Stop by Benny’s Tacos and fill up on the food you do love before you’re forced to eat the food you don’t. Remind yourself what perfectly marinated chicken tastes like. Learn how to full appreciate a carne asada plate. Try our shrimp tostada ceviche for something entirely new.

We have Mexican and rotisserie chicken options at Benny’s Tacos because we know that when you’re craving delicious food, you want options.

Don’t let your traditional holiday meals bore you. Come to Benny’s Tacos to make your holiday meals an experience to remember.

Benny’s Tacos is One of the Best Parts of Westchester

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Westchester is an area world-renown for its beaches, sunshine and friendly, accepting atmosphere. On any given day you can meet a stranger and share your story, learn something new, or explore a part of the city you’ve never noticed. Westchester offers a host of opportunities for adventure,Best Westchester Food: Benny's Tacos and the approach of winter does not mean this beach town is going to shut down. As we all know, winters in Los Angeles deter few from visiting our storied beaches, which means restaurant locations near to the beach like Benny’s Tacos are perfect for beach days with friends all year round.

Stop By Benny’s Tacos on a Tour of L.A.

No tour of Los Angeles is complete without a trip to Westchester, so maybe it’s finally time to invite your friends from out of state down to walk the gold-paved streets of the city of angels. But if you’re going to visit Westchester, why not stop at Benny’s Tacos for our signature guacamole or mouth watering chicken? Affordably priced with a comfortable ambiance, Benny’s Tacos is the perfect place to stop with good friends looking to have a good time. Sun, friends, and good friends. What more could you need?

Authentic Mexican Food By the Beach

If you’re tired after a hard day of surfing or looking for energy before you paddle out on some major swells, Benny’s Tacos is in the perfect location to make your cravings a reality. Offering authentic Mexican food and delectable rotisserie chicken, Benny’s Tacos will satisfy your needs, filling your stomach for an agreeable price.

Sunshine, Friends, and Food

The advent of winter doesn’t mean that the allure of Los Angeles beaches diminishes in the least. Westchester will maintain its sunshine and Benny’s Tacos will fulfill your desires. Just walk through the doors and our menu will do the rest. We’ve cemented our place in the list of Westchester institutions because we do what all good food locations by the beach do best: we remind you that all you need for a good day is sunshine, good friends, and good food.

The End of Our Sweepstakes: Win Big, Sign Up Today!

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Quesadilla-Benny's-Tacos-SeafoodHey Benny’s Tacos fans! Just a quick reminder: the end of our summer fiesta sweepstakes is coming to a close TOMORROW, October 8, so make sure to rally your friends and family to sign up for the chance to win $250 worth of Benny’s Tacos catering, or a $100 gift certificate to Benny’s Tacos.

Only one grand prize winner will receive the $250 worth of catering, but four lucky runners-up will collect the $100 gift certificate, so this is your chance to win big in your local community. Winning is always great, and winning food is even better. Imagine all the “too tired to cook” dinners you can provide for your family with a $100 gift certificate, or imagine all the fun you can have throwing a party where your friends and family enjoy $250 worth of free Benny’s Tacos. The best part about both options? They’re both FREE! All you have to do is sign up. It’s an simple process that takes less than two minutes to complete.

Don’t lie: you’re already imagining that fresh and delicious Benny’s Tacos guacamole and those warm-from-the-oven tortilla chips. And what’s that? It’s the scent of our perfectly grilled garlic-infused chicken. There’s no part of this sweepstakes equation that doesn’t work out well for you. All you need is merely to sign up.

And always remember, if you’re looking for a comfortable atmosphere where you can eat some of the best Mexican and rotisserie chicken in town, Benny’s Tacos is the pale for you.

Holy Guacamole! The Perfect Guacamole You’ve Been Looking For

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Perfect Guacamole at Benny's TacosAvocados, lemon, sour cream, onion, pico de gallo, garlic, salt—sounds like guacamole time! At its most basic, everyone knows how to make guacamole, and more importantly, everyone has his or her own way of making it. Your mom has her secrets, your barber has his and you have your own—and you intend to keep it that way. Whatever your special ingredient, whatever your secret method, there is always room for improvement where guacamole is concerned—unless you come to Benny’s Tacos where the guacamole is made to perfection.

Our delectable garlic-infused chicken may distract you from experiencing the rest of our menu, but our guacamole in particular is not to be missed. The perfect blend of sharpness from the onion, the creamy avocado that still maintains its chunkiness, the sweet lemon, the dash of salt… You won’t soon forget the taste of Benny’s Tacos guacamole.

You know what pairs wonderfully with guacamole? How about tangy chicken, crisp, freshly made tortilla chips, snugly wrapped burritos, and all the rest of the food at Benny’s Tacos?

There are times in every guacamole-lover’s life in which your batch of guacamole is less than perfectly tantalizing. We don’t have those days at Benny’s Tacos. Whenever you’re craving that perfect taste of guacamole, we’re only one phone call away.

The best part of our guacamole? None of it is artificial.

Between the avocados, tomatoes, cilantro and the rest of our guacamole ingredients, the entire process is crafted with freshness in mind. We know our customers come to Benny’s Tacos expecting to receive warm, freshly made tortillas, crisp, crunchy tortilla chips, and fresh, creamy and chunky guacamole, so that is what we make. And we make it better than anyone else in town.

In Los Angeles there are Mexican food vendors on every corner, but doing Mexican food correctly is becoming rare. Benny’s Tacos takes you to a place of utter contentment, producing food that ingrains itself in your taste buds, forcing you to come back for round two.

If you don’t believe us, just come by. Our guacamole is made fresh daily and you won’t soon forget the experience.

End of Summer Fiesta Sweepstakes

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Announcing Our “End of Summer Fiesta” Sweepstakes!

It has been a great summer here in beautiful Westchester, but all good things must come to an end. That does not mean that there is not still time left for one more great party though! That is why Benny’s Tacos is proud to announce our “End of Summer Fiesta” Sweepstakes starting this upcoming Tuesday, August 27. The Sweepstakes is free to enter, and the winner will receive $250 worth of Benny’s Tacos catering absolutely free. But that is not all – the first four runners up will receive a $100 gift certificate good for a dine-in dinner for four – that means you have five chances to win.

Benny's Tacos Sweepstakes

Enter Benny’s Tacos “End of Summer Fiesta” Sweepstakes for your chance to win $250 worth of free catering or a $100 dine-in dinner for four certificate!

Signing up is simple, just click here and then fill out the short form.  All we need to know is your name and the email address where we can contact you if you are the winner.  You may also sign up from your mobile device by scanning the QR code that will be posted on an announcement poster at the counter of the restaurant itself.

Our Summer Sweepstakes will only run for six weeks, ending on October 8th, and the winners will be announced soon after, so make sure that you sign up today. Remember, it is free to enter, so make sure to tell all of your friends—after all, if they win, they pretty much have to thank you by inviting you to share the prize with them, right?

Just because the summer is coming to an end does not mean all the fun has to also.  There is still time for one great summer bash, and what better way to spend it than enjoying some delicious Benny’s Tacos with all of your friends? Enter our “End of Summer Fiesta” Sweepstakes and you might just be the lucky one to win.

Good luck!

Benny’s Fundraisers Give Back to the Community

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benny's tacos standThere’s a local sports team. The kids are passionate and hard-working with great talent to match. The only pothole in this otherwise smooth street is the issue of money. Their equipment is outdated, and the field they use for practice is run-down. This, however, doesn’t mean the end of their exploits. Rather, this inconvenience can be turned on its head in a fun and exciting way by holding a fundraiser at Benny’s Tacos.

Benny’s Tacos has been a cornerstone in the Los Angeles community for a long time and the fundraisers they hold are further proof of this. Sport teams and club organizations can hold fundraisers at Benny’s to get the money they need while eating delicious food with friends.

There are three steps to take if you wish to host your next fund-raiser at Benny’s. The first is exceedingly simple: after contacting Benny’s Tacos, choose a date and a time (contact info for Benny’s Tacos at the bottom). Although, keep in mind that the days available are Monday through Thursday so if you’re hoping for a successful fundraiser to kick off a successful weekend, you may want to rethink that.

The second is to have your organization or Benny’s Tacos (it doesn’t matter who) print out a flyer with all the relevant information about the fundraiser. Then make copies of the flyer and post them or give them out anywhere you can. Try to place them in busy areas such as malls, beach boardwalks, and schools to grab as much attention as possible. Tell your friends, tell your family, do anything you can to cast as wide a net as possible.

The third and final step in this simple three-step process is to just come in to Benny’s Tacos and enjoy your meal. After a fun-filled time your organization will receive a check for twenty-five percent of the gross sales generated from all the people that came in with the flier.

Not only would a fundraiser be a good time and a fun way to raise money, it strengthens the bond between Benny’s and the community, a very important factor any business should consider, and one that Benny’s Tacos always keeps in mind.

Phone: (310)-396-8749

A Love Letter to Californian Mexican Food

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Wanderlust: a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world. When it comes to wanderlust, I’ve been afflicted for years and it doesn’t seem like I’ll be cured any time soon. It’s the one condition that I not only enjoy, but actively cultivate. I’ve traveled and lived in places from time to time but California always ropes me back in.

California is a powerful entity just as much as it is a physical location. Over time it has marketed itself in such a way that the rest of the world knows what it encompasses. Or at least, they think they do. In every place there are subtle nuances ingrained into local culture, and California is no exception. As a California native, I’ve taken many of these nuances for granted, not realizing just how much I would miss them if they were suddenly omitted from my life.

Of all the California-centric degrees of culture, Mexican food remains a ubiquitous staple; the further east I travel, the less likely it becomes that I’ll find a delicious al pastor taco. The Golden State has even adopted and modified certain dishes to create phenomenal food, among them mission burritos and carne asada fries, which are virtually unheard of when you leave California behind.

It’s very difficult to fathom living in a place where Mexican food isn’t pervasive. I’ve had stints in other countries that lack Mexican food and I was never really affected, either because my time away from California wasn’t long enough, or because I knew my separation would soon be over.

Growing up with Hispanic culture all around me might not have shaped me as a person, but it definitely embedded itself into my subconscious perspective. I don’t think twice about reading Spanish ads on the street or overhearing a conversation in Spanish. As an extension of my Hispanic culture, though I acknowledge Mexican food to be “ethnic,” it is hardly “exotic” as it’s just as common, if not more so, as “continental” food.

Local hole-in-the-wall shops are known and favored in their communities over popular chain restaurants, with good reason. Local restaurants can afford to dedicate the time to make quality food. Benny’s Tacos is one such local, quality producer of Mexican food. Benny’s Tacos is acknowledged as a valued eatery with roots in the city of Los Angeles, a city dedicated to the production of authentic Mexican food. They have used California’s love for Mexican food and created a foundation for success in the Mexican food community.

Hulu loves Benny’s Tacos’ Catering!

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What’s the best part of any company gathering? You got it: the catering. A company gathering with good food can transform what may feel like an obligatory celebration into a delectable reprieve from keyboards, phone calls, and business reports; excellent food transforms a day at work into a day relaxing with friends.

That’s why, when the Santa Monica division of Hulu needed its company event catered, it called Benny’s Tacos. Hulu, a successful subscription and internet streaming company, knows that Benny’s Tacos isn’t just good food, it’s excellent food crafted with particular care to deliver the homemade flavor Benny’s Tacos is known for.

After sampling Benny’s Tacos food and catering at a past event, Hulu requested the service of Benny’s Tacos yet again. The perfect location between Santa Monica, Culver City, and Venice, Benny’s Tacos catered the event, setting up the food and serving the 250 guests with the same friendly and efficient customer service that can always be expected from Benny’s Tacos.

Specifically, and with stomach-grumbling resolve, the Hulu team requested Benny’s Tacos’ hearty Angus beef tacos, flavorful homemade green and red salsa, and cheesy chicken red sauce quesadillas served with farm fresh vegetables. Even as returning customers, the Hulu team was impressed with the service of the Benny’s Tacos’ catering team.

Let Our Catering Team Take Care of Your Next Event!

Benny’s Tacos is food crafted to satisfy, but don’t let your satisfaction end once you leave the premises. Benny’s Tacos offers catering for events big and small. If a big-time company like Hulu can appreciate our tacos, quesadillas, and salsa, so can you! Whether you have a baby shower, birthday party, company gathering, or just a casual party, let Benny’s Tacos take your revelry up a notch.

We’ve catered for Hulu, Yelp, Google and Sony—we can cater for you, too! If you live or work in Santa Monica, Venice, Culver City or elsewhere on the Westside, Benny’s Tacos is available to cater your event.

Check out our catering page and make an appointment today!

Benny’s Tacos is Where Chicken Learns to be Tasty Again

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Rotisserie Chicken

In our society, chicken is often viewed as boring and commonplace. When Mom gets home late and doesn’t know what to cook for dinner, she whips up some quick pasta with chicken. We eat it in our sandwiches, our salads, our soups, and hot off the grill. From a young age, we grow accustomed to chicken as an easy, simple, plain meal or addition to a meal. And the worst part of it all is that the chicken we eat usually tastes the same—and we expect it to taste the same because it’s considered boring. So wouldn’t it be fun if chicken were exciting again?

What if we told you that Benny’s Tacos has put the fun back in chicken?

Not only do we cook our chicken rotisserie-style right before your eyes, but it tastes like none you’ve ever had before. This is not the same stuff Mom whips up for dinner: the chicken at Benny’s Tacos is marinated in a delicious combination of herbs and spices, but most noticeable is the tantalizing taste of garlic beneath the skin. You can taste the spritz of lemon, and the massage of garlic that went in to making our chicken glisteningly delicious. A sharp palate will discern dozens of other spices blended into the marinade, but even those diners without the ability to pinpoint every herb will know that something is different about our chicken.

Before opening Benny’s Tacos, our owners and chefs traveled around the world to learn how to make the best tacos. On the way, they discovered the recipe for an unforgettable chicken experience. You’ll be surprised just how much you enjoy eating our mouth-watering chicken, and you’ll be even more surprised to find you can’t forget it when the experience is over. Our phenomenal recipe will have you planning a return trip before you leave the restaurant. Add in a few fresh, house-made tortillas and a serving of our chunky, tasty guacamole and you’ll be a Benny’s Tacos fan for life.

Benny’s Tacos Offers Reliable Catering for Events Big and Small

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The point of a party or event is to have fun, and that doesn’t change just because you are the host. There are many aspects of throwing a successful party or event, but arguably one of the most challenging facets of event-planning is the food. If you choose to cook all the food yourself, you may be in for several grueling days of putting your inner chef to work, but remember: there are easier, less stressful options. Namely: catering. If you and your guests enjoy succulent, flavorful rotisserie chicken and tangy and savory authentic Mexican food, then you need to call Benny’s Tacos for reliable catering.

As a business, our goal is to please customers with tasty and authentically flavorful meals. That’s why there are few compliments that are as satisfying to a business as receiving a five-star rating on Yelp from a customer. That Yelp review means we executed our jobs so efficiently, that customer just had to shout his or her satisfaction from the proverbial rooftop that is social media.

One compliment we do find more rewarding? When Yelp itself comes to us for its catering needs. And Yelp was in good company: not only has Yelp sought the reliable catering services of Benny’s Tacos for its business events, but so too have Hulu Cable, Sony, Fred Segal, and Google. Those are some big names! Some of these events have even had as many as 300 people eating from a full-scale buffet decked out with the mouthwatering food made by Benny’s Tacos!

You Can Trust Benny’s Tacos For Reliable Catering

If we can cater for Hulu, Yelp, and Google, we can certainly cater for your event. The reliable catering service offered by Benny’s Tacos is staffed and coordinated by professionals. Set-up is included and delivery within a 5-mile radius is free. If you have longer than 24-hours before the event you are planning, ensure your event is a hit and call Benny’s Tacos for reliable catering today.

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