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The Great Debate: Fish Versus Shrimp Tacos

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Fish versus shrimp tacos—it’s a debate that has afflicted Californian minds and stomachs for centuries. Okay, maybe not centuries. However, as Mexican cuisine continues to mingle with the American spirit and what constitutes as “American cuisine,” fish and shrimp tacos have also grown in popularity. Unfortunately, with increased popularity, comes division. Though only recent, seafood lovers alike have positioned the two tasty taco variants against one another fueling a debate that is sure to carry on for years to come. Benny’s Tacos presents you with the battle of the ages: Fish versus Shrimp Tacos.

Pro Fish, Anti-Shrimp

Shrimp TacosNo matter how you cut it or what species of fish you use—tilapia, halibut, mahi-mahi, and the most preferred, cod—the result will be a damn good taco almost every time. When battered, deep fried, placed on a corn tortilla and topped with sour cream or any other of your favorite garnishes, devouring a good fish taco—or four— is an indulgent experience that is difficult to ruin. Of course, some species are preferred for making tacos over others, but the cooking ease of fish tends to make it a better choice over shrimp tacos.

Let’s face the facts—shrimp is a bottom feeder and can taste like one. This is especially true for a lot of store-bought shrimp which are often kept in a breeding farm. Once battered and fried, a bad fish can be masked—for the most part. But the same can’t be said for shrimp. These poppable crustaceans need to be prepared (and bought) with pride and care because they cannot afford the same margin of error as most fish.

Pro Shrimp, Anti-Fish

Shrimp TacosFinding high-quality shrimp may be difficult when your taco craving is through the roof, but the potential experience of a shrimp taco with good shrimp outweighs that of any fish taco all day, every day of the week. There are also different cooking methods that can be applied when making fish tacos. In addition to deep-frying, you can seer shrimp in a pan and douse your shrimp tacos with lime and a nice pico de gallo for a healthier touch. Sure you can take the same approach for fish and make blackened tilapia tacos, but they are not nearly as good as a nice crispy batter and soft flakey inside. With little-to-no other ways to make a good fish taco, the various cooking methods for shrimp can push customers toward shrimp tacos over fish.

So who won, fish or shrimp tacos?  We at Benny’s Tacos & Chicken Rotisserie are not going to reveal our preference, but throw your hat into the ring and decide for yourself. Head on over to Benny’s and try our delicious fish tacos from which you can choose between either grilled or fried Mexican bass, topped with a nice cabbage salad, avocado, pico de gallo and a spicy chipotle sauce. If you think you’re a shrimp type of person, we have a taco for you as well. With high-quality shrimp inside, our shrimp tacos are finished off by a roasted pineapple-jimaca salsa, lettuce and our signature chipotle sauce.

Local Community Fundraising at Benny’s Tacos

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12974398_1089421411122291_401030414162960651_nFundraiser at Benny’s Tacos

Summer is coming to an end which signifies several scenarios. One is that the new school year is about to begin. Number two is that the fall season for sports teams is revving up. Three is that organizations are again starting to look for ways to fund their projects for the upcoming Autumn and Fall. All these scenarios suggest the opportunity for local community fundraising for the respected communities in West Los Angeles. One exciting way to raise money is by going through your favorite local eatery here in West Los Angeles: Benny’s Tacos! We host fundraisers to help schools, local sports teams, youth groups, charities, and other organizations to help raise income for their cause.

Easy Fundraising

Benny’s Tacos has now become a staple in the Los Angeles and Santa Monica community where relationships are built between several establishments, community programs, and us. We invite every organization with a worthy cause to hold their fundraisers at Benny’s Tacos, utilizing our delicious Mexican food menu and our sales and giving them a percentage of it. No doubt, one of the main obstacles of fundraising is the effort, coordination, planning, and execution. Budget, marketing, timing are also key factors. By conducting a local community fundraiser with Benny’s Tacos, these obstacles will be minimal and become much simpler.

How It Works

1) Contact us at one of our locations and then pick a date and time. Fundraisers with us are only held Monday-Thursday during business hours.

2) Your organization must design a flyer/invitation with all the information about the fundraiser and then print it out. Make copies and hand them out in your community. You can also leave some at our store.

3) On the day of the event, come and enjoy a meal with us! For all the people who comes into Benny’s with a flier, we will give you a check for 25% of those gross sales.

Great Benefits

So basically: bring the flyer to us, eat some delicious food, and the organization will get 25% of the sales! Local sports teams can update their equipment and their field. Schools can finally kick off some of their programs and produce better facilities. College groups such as sororities, fraternities, and clubs can raise funds for their projects. Charities can earn more donations to better the lives of people. So many benefits from a fundraiser.

Stronger Bonds

Benny’s Tacos has a stronger relationship in the community and we want to make our bonds even more so. Visit our local community fundraising page on our website learn more how you can initiate a local fundraising event at Benny’s to raise the money you need and have a good time.

The Benefits of Corporate Catering

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Company Catering Builds A Better Environment

When it comes to corporate catering, Los Angeles is the mecca for many large and small corporations, offices, and companies; all with a number of dedicated and promising employees. Corporate events like meetings, conferences, employee parties, company lunches, and team building events are necessary for the growth of a company. So what do all these events have in common? Food and lots of it. Corporate catering is more ways than one vital to a company lunch or event. The workplace culture is only improved with team events and lunches, so great food is essential. Luckily, Benny’s Tacos is a refreshing local food eatery that offers spectacular Mexican food at their locations and in their catering. We have brought our excellent catering services to many companies around the LA district and love to continue this service in the future. Here is what we can offer and why our corporate catering service would be the right option for companies and employees.

What Is Gained From Company Lunches

Sometimes, employees from big companies are tired of eating at the same cafeteria food during lunch hour, everyday. Or they won’t have the time to bring a home lunch in the morning because of LA traffic. A company that picks a special day to offer catering of brand new food is a special gesture to all who work there. The workplace culture is definitely improved when all workers get together and eat together at work. This creates friendships and better collaborations. Furthermore, ideas can be thrown around and work flow could be refined when employees are chatting in one area. A company;s employees will also realize how much they are cared for and feel like their work is paying off.

Keys To Success

The keys for a successful corporate catering are simple: scrumptious food, easy to eat, and fresh quality. Benny’s Tacos is proud to offer Mexican catering services for all corporate functions, lunch meetings, and parties. We will supply our guests with a fresh array of authentic Mexican dishes; from rotisserie chicken, handmade tortillas, tacos, fajitas, and more. Our catering menu can feed at least 15 people and can be arranged at least a day in advance. Some of our returning catering customers that have thoroughly enjoyed our services include Google, Yelp, Hulu, Sony Pictures, Boys & Girls Club, Univision, Fandango, LMU, Otis, and more.

Rely On Benny

Now that you know the benefits of organizing a company lunch and event, it’s time to start planning. Your corporate catering will be in good hands and worthwhile for your company and your employees. Call Benny’s Tacos at 818.612.3875 for any inquiries that you might have.

Things to do in Santa Monica This Summer

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In our last blog, we gave a brief history of Santa Monica which, sure, it provides you a talking point with your date over a cocktail at the Shangri-La’s outdoor patio, but that kind of knowledge only serves you once. It’s simply a little tidbit to know. Santa Monica has free events and things to do all summer long. Knowing about things to do in Santa Monica this summer serves more than a single conversation. Benny’s Tacos lists some of the best free things to do in Santa Monica – things of course that you can do before or after you grab a bite at our four and a half star reviewed restaurant!


Picnic on the promenade

Start your weekends off on the corner of Arizona and Third Street every Friday afternoon with a breezy outdoor eating area and a KCRW DJ spinning blissful summer jams. Benny’s is less than a quarter mile away from here! Grab some lobster tacos and go claim your spot at the carefree Promenade.

Annenberg Community Beach House and Marion Davies Guest House

Every summer, Santa Monica puts together a gallery of LA-based up-and-coming artists’ work at the Annenberg Community Beach House. This summer’s exhibition is Unseen, a photography collection. At the same location that houses this exhibition is the Marion Davies Guest House. Named after the actress that once called it home, it’s now a preserved historic site open to the public. Similar to other Hearst estates, it brags a sprawling square footage with over 100 rooms, lavish furnishings, and unique interior design.

Cinema on the Street and Starry Night Poolside Cinema at the Miramar Pool Club

Downtown’s public silver screening series, Cinema on the Street, brings you the wacky, heartfelt “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” Friday July 17th at 8pm. Watch Gene Wilder and his purple and his tiny green-haired employees merrily skip along as the golden ticket winners drop like flies. Want more public movie screenings? Starry Night Poolside Cinema at the Miramar Pool Club. Every Friday night at 8, (you’ll have to make a decisive action on the 17th) Fairmont Miramar Hotel and Bungalows will be putting up a family-friendly flick for everyone, non-hotel guests included.

Twilight Concerts and Jazz on the Lawn

Every summer, the Santa Monica Pier throws their Twilight Concert Series. It’s every Thursday throughout July, August, and into September. From Latin funk to rock n’ roll, Twilight Concerts hosts relevant bands of all genres. Looking for something more laid-back? Stewart Street Park is the venue for Jazz on the Lawn, a concert series on Sundays from 5-7pm throughout August. Bring your picnic fittings and relax to a myriad of differently styled jazz bands! Things to do in Santa Monica just got simple.

New Santa Monica Location!

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Although earning its Catholic namesake from Saint Monica by way of a party of Spanish Conquistadores hundreds of years ago, Santa Monica has had art deco-esque nicknames like, “The Pearl of the Pacific,” and “Jewel of the Sunset Bay,” (amongst others) that aptly fit the idyllic beachfront. The land was auctioned off at the end of the 19th century, and by the beginning of the 20th, erecting carousels, rides, theaters, “funhouses”, and concession stands, amusement park tycoon and entrepreneur Charles Looff set the precedent for the pier’s repute to be a focal point for entertainment, camaraderie, and nightlife.

Just as Santa Monica has its roots in making the local public happy, so does Benny’s.

In 1973, Santa Monica’s city council voted to tear down the Santa Monica pier. The beach town’s citizens and all those who enjoyed the pier for decades met the city’s decision with vehement retaliation. After a successful campaign, the city council lifted its plans for demolition. Not only that, but three of the councilmen that supported the teardown were removed from office and replaced with pier-advocating council members in the following election. Massive storms in 1983 gave the pier another go at its survival, ripping chunks off the structure. But by 1990, it was entirely restored. A few years later, the pier opened up Pacific Park – an amusement park that was set to last. Because of the iconic design and unbetable view from the ferris wheel, the park immediately became a seminal landmark in Los Angeles.

Benny’s is opening in Santa Monica!

Benny’s Tacos wants to add to Santa Monica’s rich history with its new location open on June 20th, this Saturday, at 915 Wilshire Boulevard. 100% grassfeed, beef, made to order meals, and a homemade taste earmark Benny’s Tacos unmatched quality. Catering to top tech businesses like Google, Yelp, and Hulu, we’re proud to serve all of Santa Monica and beyond with Mexican food you won’t be able eat just once! Next time you are in the area make sure to visit Benny’s Tacos Santa Monica!

Otis Student Discount

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The collegiate breakfast: nothing. Snack: a cup of noodles. Lunch: a cup of noodles. Dinner: an overpriced medley of semi-identifiable, extra-fried and sugary grub from the lackluster cafe. Freshman Fifteen is only one of the eating related issues associated with the college diet. Your studies and classes mandate you don’t stray too far from campus to merely have a decent lunch. Your looming tuition bills and overall lack of financial security keeps your food selections limited at best. Low quality food choices usually follow a small disposable income – you can’t constantly pay the extra money to eat the good food you want to eat. With poor ratings on Otis College’s on-campus food, it’s easy to want to search off campus for reasonably priced food that fills you up and tastes better than the cafe’s Meatloaf Surprise. (Gross.) Our Otis student discount special is your solution.

taco plate

We’re affordable and in walk-able distance.

We offer a student discount that entails 10% off to all whom present a verifiable Otis student ID card and are dining-in. At only half a mile away from campus, it’s a matter of a 10 minute walk to get here. With the student discount, turn your college student diet from a deprived one into a robust and satisfactory one. It’s not sustainable to eat hot water and noodles and other microwavable foods all the time. Otis consistently demands high quality output from you. So to properly meet your need to maintain verve and energy throughout the day, the balance of nutritional value and healthy caloric intake is especially important. With our diverse menu ranging from veggie salads to a Whole Chicken plate, we can help you keep up with the quality output demanded of you. To receive the 10% off student discount, come by any day with your ID. We’re happy to engage and connect with our local community and look forward to seeing you enjoy your made-to-order meal!

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