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Benny’s Tacos: the Best Mexican Food in LA!

The Best Mexican Food in LA is Right Here at Benny’s Tacos

Benny’s Tacos and Mexican Food recipes have come from years of travel and experimenting with only the freshest ingredients to make sure our food is unique and authentic! Each of our dishes are handcrafted and cooked to perfection while making sure each dish is consistent and individualized to your order. Benny’s Tacos is more than just tacos. From our fresh salads, rotisserie chicken, beef and pork, to our breakfast dishes and, of course, our taco plates, Benny’s Tacos always makes sure that our food is our gift to you, so anytime you feel a craving for the best Mexican food in LA, come on in and let us serve you.

Rotisserie Chicken and Mexican Food in LA

Why settle for another boring truck taco when you could be enjoying the best Mexican food in LA?  Benny’s Tacos knows what it takes to make a great taco – and that is just the start of it!  From our amazing Mexican food to our rotisserie chicken that is so tender it falls off the bone, everything at Benny’s is guaranteed to fill you up and put a smile on your face.
Our tortillas are always handmade, our salsas are always freshly prepared throughout the day, and everything we serve is made to order, never prepared ahead of time.  When it comes to West LA dining, no one beats Benny’s Tacos: the best Mexican food in LA.

Need Catering?

The next time you need catering at the office or for a family event or party, think of Benny’s.  Benny’s Tacos is the perfect party food to liven up any gathering.  Don’t disappoint everyone with another boring platter of bland subs; let us handle the catering for your next event and blow everyone away with the best Mexican food in LA.


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